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  • Pyrénées 

Crossing the Pyrénées by bike: The Orientale

From the Ocean to the Mediterranean


Presentation of your trip

Crossing the Pyrénées by bike: from the beach in Hendaye to that of Collioure, you cross the entire French Pyrénées, from west to east, on your road bike. You will follow legendary Tour de France routes and pass over notable mountain passes (cols) to cross 5 Pyrénéen departments.
With each turn of the wheel, you get a little closer to the Mediterranean, crossing an extraordinary variety of landscapes. Leave behind the lush, green summits of the Basque Country for the peaks of the Hautes-Pyrénées, crossing vast forests in Ariège, weaving between the Corbières vineyards before finally arriving at the beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

  • DestinationPyrénées
  • TypeFree or Guided
  • Length of trip7 days and 6 nights
  • ActivitiesRoad bike
  • Physical level

Possible periods for this trip

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March
  • Apr.
  • May
  • June
  • Jul.
  • August
  • Sep.
  • Oct.
  • Nov.
  • Dec.
Description of the tripProgramTravel conditionsDates and price

Trip details


  • Fabled cols of the Tour de France
  • The most beautiful landscapes of the Pyrénées: cols, forests, gorges, plateaus
  • Arrival at the Mediterranean, the ‘Grande Bleue’ Accommodation on a half-board basis, 3 options to choose from

Complementary informations

  • 7 days 6 nights including 7 days of cycling
  • Options: In ‘gites’ or double bedrooms or high-end hotels


  • Day 1

    From Hendaye to Larrau

    • Distance : 110 km
    • Elevation gain : 2130 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite
    • Col de Saint-Ignace (169m)
    • Col de Burdincurutchéta (1135m)
    • Col Bagargiak (1327m)
    • Col d’Orgambidesca (1284m)

    Night in Larrau

  • Day 2

    From Larrau to Argelès-Gazost

    • Distance : 121 km
    • Elevation gain : 2660 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite

    Level 2 : 112 km- Altitude Difference: 1300m 
    Bois du Bager
    Forêt de Lourdes

    Level 3A : 121 km – Positive Altitude Difference: 2660m
    Col de Marie-Blanque (1035m)
    Col d’Aubisque (1709m)
    Col du Soulor (1474m)

    Level 3B : 142 km – Positive Altitude Difference: 3700m
    Col du Soudet (1540m)
    Col de Marie Blanque (1035m)
    Col d’Aubisque (1709m)
    Col du Soulor (1474m)

    OPTION : Col de la Pierre Saint-Martin (1765m), there and back, from the Col du Soudet : + 9km and + 255m of positive altitude difference:.

    Night in Argelès-Gazost. (Possibility to visit the thermal spa if option selected)

  • Day 3

    From Argelès-Gazost to Arreau ou Saint-Lary-Soulan

    • Distance : 88 km
    • Elevation gain : 2600 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite

    N3 : 83 km- Dénivelé positif : 1900m

    • Col de Lingous (575m)
    • Bagnères de Bigorre
    • Col d’Aspin (1489m)

    N5 : 88 km – Dénivelé positif : 2600m

    • Col du Tourmalet (2115m)
    • Col d’Aspin (1489m)

    Nuit à Arreau ou Saint-Lary-Soulan. 

    A Saint-Lary-Soulan, possibilité de profiter des bains thermo-ludique en option

  • Day 4

    From Arreau (ou Saint-Lary-Soulan) to Seix (ou Massat)

    • Distance : 96 km
    • Elevation gain : 2320 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite

    Level 2 : 94 km- Positive Altitude Difference: 2095 m 
    With transfer to Luchon at the start of the stage.
    Col de Menté (1349m)
    Col de Portet d’Aspet (1069m)
    Col de Portech (862m)
    Col de Catchaudégué (893m)

    Level 3A : 96km – Positive Altitude Difference:  2320m
    With transfer to Luchon at the start of the stage.
    Col de Menté (1349m)
    Col de Portet d’Aspet (1069m)
    Col de la Core (1395m)

    Level 3B : 137 km – Positive Altitude Difference:  3330m
    Without transfer to Luchon.
    Col de Peyresourde (1569m)
    Col de Menté (1349m)
    Col de Portet d’Aspet (1069m)
    Col de la Core (1395m)

    Level 3C : 139 km – Positive Altitude Difference:  3760m
    Without transfer to Luchon.
    Col d’Azet (1580m)
    Col de Peyresourde (1569m)
    Col de Menté (1349m)
    Col de Portet d’Aspet (1069m)
    Col de la Core (1395m)

    Night in Seix or Massat.

  • Day 5

    From Seix (ou Massat) to Ax-les-Thermes

    • Distance : 110 km
    • Elevation gain : 2640 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite

    N3 : 93 km – Dénivelé positif : 1880m

    • Col des Caugnous (947m)
    • Col de Port (1250m)
    • Route des Corniches

    N5 : 110 km – Dénivelé positif : 2640m

    • Col de Latrape (1111m)
    • Col d’Agnes (1570m)
    • Port de Lers (1517m)
    • Route des Corniches

    Nuit à Ax-les-Thermes. (Possibilité de profiter des bains thermo-ludique en option pour option chambre double)

    Possibilité de profiter des bains thermo-ludique en option

  • Day 6

    From Ax-les-Thermes to Prades

    • Distance : 90 km
    • Elevation gain : 2440 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover gite

    Col de Pailhères (2001m)
    Col des Moulis (1099m)
    Col de Garabeil (1262m)
    Col de Jau (1506m)

    OPTION : Col du Chioula (1431m), there and back: +13 km and 480m of positive altitude difference, depart from Ascou.

    Night in Prades.

  • Day 7

    From Prades to Collioure

    • Distance : 105 km
    • Elevation gain : 1200 m

    D7 : From Prades to Collioure
    Level 2 : 91 km - Positive Altitude Difference: 910m
    Col Fourtou (646m)
    Col de Llauro (380m)

    Level 3A : 104 km – Positive Altitude Difference: 1325m
    Col Palomère (1036m)
    Col Xatard (752m)
    Col de Llauro (380m)

    Level 3B : 138 km – Positive Altitude Difference: 2160m
    Col Palomère (1036m)
    Col Xatard (752m)
    Col de la Brousse (850m)

    End of trip

  • End of trip

Travel conditions

  • Food

    This is not the time to go on a diet! Instead, it is an opportunity to taste local cuisine and specialities. The quality of your food is paramount and we take great care to ensure a good dietary balance, sufficient calorie intake and that each meal includes local specialities.You will eat in the hotel.

    Picnics (for lunch) are not included.

  • Luggage

    For the formula with the assistance vehicle, you carry nothing except your groceries and water.  1 bag per person, maximum 15kg/bag.

  • Formalities

    • Passport or ID is compulsory
    • We recommend getting a European Health Insurance card (check with the NHS) 
    • Repatriation insurance is compulsory
  • Difficulty level

    You are in good physical condition and go cycling on roads, over long distances, at least once a week.
    Stages vary from 100 to 115km per day with positive altitude differences of 1200 to 2800m per day.

    Where possible, several difficulty levels will be on offer, with the same departure and arrival points for everyone. And of course without transfers :)!


  • Options

    • Physiotherapy: recovery session with a physiotherapist at the end of the stage,
    • Leader: a qualified instructor guides the group (+ sports advice),
    • Mechanic: a mechanic cycles is responsible for repairs during the circuit and maintenance of the bikes at the end of the stages.


  • Accompanying

    Free bike with luggage carrying (for groups of 6 people or more):

    Equipped with the guidance material we give you: maps with highlighted route, GPS tracks and detailed topo-guide, you go alone to discover circuits designed by our team. The topo and the GPS fixed on the handlebars, you let yourself be guided by the indications prepared with care, for a maximum precision.

    Free bike with assistance vehicle (for groups of 8 or more):

    The assistance vehicle + bike trailer joins you at different times during the day stage, often at the top of the passes and transports your picnic, water, extra clothes and a complete toolbox in case of mechanical problem. You enjoy your day with a light bag or no bag. The driver of the vehicle also gives you advice for each step, helps you manage your effort, and can most of the time answer your questions about the region visited.


  • Accommodation

    3 formulas to choose from:

    Formula lodging stage: selected in particular for the quality of their reception, you find in the cottages a friendly atmosphere. Most often you share 4/6-seater dorms with other people.
    Sheets and towels to be provided in your luggage.

    Double room formula: you sleep in comfortable rooms for 2 people in hotels, guest rooms or cottages.  Bed linen and towels are provided.

    (Single room option - See rates)

    Upscale hotel formula: you sleep in comfortable rooms for 2 people in superior hotels (single room option – see rates): including 1 hotel**, 3 hotels*** and 2 hotels**** (Formula reserved only for groups and subject to availability):

    Day 1: Overnight in Larrau hotel*** at the foot of Pic D'Orhy where the view is beautiful. With its friendly welcome this house will transport you in the Basque tradition for an evening.

    Day 2: Night in Argelès-Gazost in hotel***. Characteristic establishment of the 30s built following a competition of architects. All rooms have mountain views.

    You can discover the Jardin des bains thermo-ludic d'Argeles-Gazost, and enjoy a relaxing moment for a pleasant recovery (optional).

    Day 3: Overnight in Saint-Lary-Soulan in a hotel***. Accommodation that cultivates the taste of modernity and the quality of a welcoming service. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the mountains. You can also enjoy the garden or the relaxation area (swimming pool, hammam, sauna and jacuzzi).
    You can also relax in 32° spring water in the thermo-play area, with direct access from the hotel (optional).

    Day 4: Overnight in Massat in hotel**. In order to keep the pace of roaming, we offer this friendly hotel** family. This friendly establishment, used to welcoming our cycling groups will welcome you with open arms.  

    Day 5: Overnight in Ax-les-Thermes in hotel*** on the banks of the Oriège. This establishment with its gourmet restaurant will welcome you and awaken your taste buds. Come and enjoy the warm, natural and relaxing thermal water that flows between 33 and 38° in the Couloubret baths (optional).

    Day 6: Night in Prades in hotel****. Charming accommodation with flower garden, swimming pool and nice view of the Canigou massif. You will enjoy a pleasant time in spacious and comfortable rooms.

  • Options

    7 picnics (+€70/ person for the stay),
    Customized program from the steps you choose yourself from 8 people,
    Additional accommodation before or after the stay,
    Single room supplement,
    High-end bike rental on measure,
    Transport of bike cases and hard bottom panniers, only for the formula with assistance vehicle and within the limit of available places: +40 € / box,
    Accompanying program (not cycling),
    Transfer back to the car,
    Welcome and free parking in Foix, transfer to Hendaye, and return to Foix at the end of the stay: 45 € per trip (90 € round trip) and per person (formula with driver subject to availability),
    Airport reception and transfers (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Perpignan, Biarritz, Carcassonne, Barcelona), contact us.
    Premium hosting

  • Attendees

    Crossing the Pyrenees by bike 7 days is accessible to groups of at least 6 people: the departure is free (consult us).



    Meeting the first day in Hendaye. Free meeting for groups.

    For arrivals by train or plane: appointment directly at Hendaye or Biarritz airport.

    How to get there:

    By car: A 63 Hendaye exit #1

    By train: Hendaye.

    By plane: Biarritz airport.

Dates and price


Free departure dates: you choose your own departure dates according to your availability.
For constituted groups, we adapt the level, duration, price and program on demand.

If you are not in a group, check here the departure dates for the POS in 8 days with individual registrations.

Possibility of quality road bike rental: see our dedicated page for more information.

Free departure from

Price TTC per person

Freedom package with luggage carried by cabs - stopover gîte
Registration at 6 people820
Formula with assistance vehicle
Registration at 8 people920


Accommodation option in double room during the whole stay (you share the room with another participant: +190€/pers

If you want to be alone in your room: + 140€/pers (to be added to the double room option)

High-end accommodation (only for groups): +190/pers (to be added to the double room option)

If you want to be alone in your room upscale accommodation: +300/pers (to be added to the option upscale double room)

Formula with assistance vehicle without driver, consult us

Package accommodation and navigation: we organize accommodation, meals, guidebooks, maps and GPS tracks and you make your own assistance and luggage transport, contact us

The price includes

  • Accommodation,
  • Maps, topo-guide and GPS tracks,
  • Half board from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 7,
  • The transport of 1 luggage per person,
  • For the formula with assistance vehicle: 1 vehicle Larébenne + driver during the entire stay.

The price does not include

  • Accommodation the day before departure and at the end of the stay,
  • Drinks,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Picnics 
  • Personal bike equipment (helmets, gloves),
  • Bicycles,
  • The transport of bike boxes and hard bottom panniers (option only for the formula with assistance vehicle: +40 € / box),
  • Transportation to the meeting point,
  • The transfer back,
  • Insurance.

The destination

  • Pyrénées

    The Pyrenees! To summarize their beauty and diversity in a few lines would be vain ... From the green mountains of the Basque Country, to the wild lands of Ariège to the Catalan mountains with the scent of the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees are an invitation to travel.

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