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  • Saint Guilhem 

The Complete Route of St Guilhem

From Aumont-Aubrac to St Guilhem le Désert via the Tarn Gorges


Presentation of your trip

From the volcanic lands of Aubrac to the mediterranean scents of the villages of Herault, the Route of St Guilhem is an ancient, commercial and migratory route. Along the length of the route you will encounter an amazing array of landscapes: volcanic plateaus, the Causse de Sauveterre*, the Tarn Gorges, the Massif de l’Aigoual and its forest vegetation, the Causse de Blandas, the impressive Cirque de Navacelles and the Plateau du Larzac, before reaching the end of the route in the charming village of Saint Guilhem le Désert.

Historically, this route allowed Auvergnats to reach the Gellone Abbey, before  later becoming a commercial route.

Hiking the Route of Saint-Guilhem is like stepping back in time.

  • DestinationFrance, Massif Central, Saint Guilhem
  • TypeFree
  • Length of trip12 days and 11 nights
  • ActivitiesHiking
  • Physical level

Possible periods for this trip

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March
  • Apr.
  • May
  • June
  • Jul.
  • August
  • Sep.
  • Oct.
  • Nov.
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Description of the tripProgramTravel conditionsDates and price

Trip details


  • A historic route linking the Massif Central and the Mediterranean.
  • A huge diversity of landscapes.
  • Passage via the Tarn Gorges, the Causse Méjean and the Cirque de Navacelles.
  • 12 stages of well-balanced lengths (well, almost!)

Complementary informations

  • Self-guided circuit
  • 13 days 12 nights with 12 days of hiking


  • Day 1

    Arrival at Aumont-Aubrac

    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    You arrive in the afternoon at Aumont-Aubrac, capital of the Aubrac Iozérien. Take the opportunity to visit the village and stroll through the streets, before heading to your accommodation. Learn about the infamous Beast of Gévaudan, who terrorised the region in 1764, and see the statue dedicated to the famous rural legend in the village square.

    Night in Aumont-Aubrac.


  • From Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals

    • Distance : 23 km
    • Duration : 7h15
    • Elevation gain : 495 m
    • Negative gradient : 355 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover giteDouble room

    This first stage, shared by the Chemin de Compostelle, starts with you leaving Aumont-Aubrac in the direction of Nasbinals. Cross through the villages of La-Chaze-de-Peyre and Lasbros; the final villages before you reach the solitude and open spaces of Aubrac. Next, follow the tracks used by livestock to cross the heart of this region, and wide open pastures dotted with ‘burons’ - shepherds’ shelters. After a beautiful climb, you reach the Roc des Loups at 1261m, before descending  back down into Rieutort-d’Aubrac. You then arrive in Nasbinals, where you can visit the Roman church, which is built in brown basalt and with a schist roof. Night in Nasbinals.

  • Day 3

    From Nasbinals to St Chély d’Aubrac

    • Distance : 17 km
    • Duration : 4h30
    • Elevation gain : 237 m
    • Negative gradient : 590 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover giteDouble room

    Welcome to Aveyron! A few kilometres after your departure from Nasbinals, you leave the department of Lozère, head into Aveyron, and continue your journey towards the hamlet of Aubrac. This portion of the route crossing the mountain was particularly dangerous for the pilgrims travelling to Compostelle; especially cold and infested with wolves and bandits. A hospice for pilgrims was founded in Aubrac in 1120 by the monks of the Domerie. Only the church and tower with the ‘bell of the lost’, which would ring for the pilgrims lost in the Aubrac, remains today. Finally, you descend towards St Chély d’Aubrac.

  • Day 4

    Saint Chély d’Aubrac to Col de Trébatut

    • Distance : 28 km
    • Duration : 7h30
    • Elevation gain : 830 m
    • Negative gradient : 560 m
    • Type of accommodation : Stopover giteDouble room

    Passing by Les Enfrux and the Roc de Campuels, you cross over the high plateaus of Aubrac under the gaze of its highest point; the Signal de Maihebiau at 1469m. Then, via a beautiful forest, you arrive at the Col de Trébatut. Night at Trébatut. 

  • Day 5

    From Col de Trébatut to La Canourgue

    • Distance : 16 km
    • Duration : 4h20
    • Elevation gain : 190 m
    • Negative gradient : 730 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    A relatively short and downhill stage where you follow legendary migratory routes, which have transported thousands of people over the years. Leave Aubrac through the forest and cross the River Lot, after passing by St Germain du Teil. You then arrive in La Canourgue, the « Lozérienne Venice ». Night in La Canourgue.


  • Day 6

    From La Canourgue to Vignes

    • Distance : 25 km
    • Duration : 7h30
    • Elevation gain : 715 m
    • Negative gradient : 860 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    Starting from La Canourgue, you follow the GR6 towards the Causse de Sauveterre, gaining a little altitude on the way. The hike takes you across the Causse, through small woods and virtually deserted expanses, before arriving in Saint Georges de Lévéjac. From here you overlook the magnificent Tarn Gorges, into which you will descend to reach your stop for the night. 

    Night in Vignes. 

  • Day 7

    From Vignes to La Viale

    • Distance : 21 km
    • Duration : 6h45
    • Elevation gain : 760 m
    • Negative gradient : 285 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    The vast majority of this stage follows the River Tarn. Offering you a sublime view over the gorges, and without physical difficulty, the first part of this stage is really pleasant. Once you arrive in Rozier, the itinerary takes you up high, still following the GR6, to reach the famous Causse Méjean and the hamlet of La Viale.
    There is a beautiful variation of the route via the Vase de Sévre and the Vase de Chine, with magnificent views over the Gorges de la Jonte (+100m altitude).

    Night in La Viale. 

  • Day 8

    From La Viale to Meyrueis

    • Distance : 19 km
    • Duration : 5h20
    • Elevation gain : 410 m
    • Negative gradient : 590 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    Continuing on the Causse Méjean, you pass through the small villages of St Pierre des Tripiers and Hyelzas, before you come across the Aven Armand, an immense underground cave. You then finish your crossing of the Causse Méjean before descending into the Gorges de la Jonte to finish your stage in Meyrueis.

    Night in Meyrueis.

  • Day 9

    From Meyrueis to L’Espérou

    • Distance : 22 km
    • Duration : 6h30
    • Elevation gain : 800 m
    • Negative gradient : 270 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    Passing first by Camprieu and the Col de la Pierre Plantée, you then cross the Vallée du Bonheur (Valley of Happiness) through woodland undergrowth and climb up towards the Col de la Serreyrède. You are then in the foothills of Mont Aigoual.
    From this col, a descent transports you to L’Espérou, where you finish the stage.

    Night in L’Espérou.


  • Day 10

    From L’Espérou to Vigan

    • Distance : 19 km
    • Duration : 5h
    • Elevation gain : 250 m
    • Negative gradient : 1250 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    Lots of forests on the programme today! From L’Espérou, you take on the Col de la Broue and the Col de la Sablière before a long descent along a path called “La Draille du Languedoc”, an ancient transhumance route. You cross the medieval village of Aulas, in the valley, before quickly arriving in Vigan, where you will immediately sense that we have reached the South!

    Night in Vigan.

  • Day 11

    From Vigan to Navacelles

    • Distance : 23 km
    • Duration : 6h15
    • Elevation gain : 640 m
    • Negative gradient : 530 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    After the undergrowth of the day before, you now climb up onto the Causse de Blandas, where you will discover remnants dating back to the Palaeolithic era (menhirs, dolmens). You then rejoin the open desert landscapes which are so typical of the Cévennes. Having passed through the villages of Montdardier and Blandas, you arrive at a superb panorama, stretching out over the Cirque de Navacelles. The route then takes you down into the Gorges de la Vis, where you finish the stage. 

    Night in Navacelles.

  • Day 12

    From Navacelles to La Vacquerie

    • Distance : 15 km
    • Duration : 4h30
    • Elevation gain : 630 m
    • Negative gradient : 330 m
    • Type of accommodation : Double roomStopover gite

    The start of this stage along the Gorges de la Vis in truly magnificent. You gain a little height to join St Maurice de Navacelles on the Plateau du Larzac. Follow the Plaine de la Barre, before arriving in the village of Vacquerie. 

    Night in La Vacquerie.

  • Day 13

    From La Vacquerie to St Guilhem le Désert

    • Distance : 20 km
    • Duration : 7
    • Elevation gain : 460 m
    • Negative gradient : 900 m

    It’s the final stage of your trip. Today, you follow the Tour du Larzac to Mont St Baudille, and reach the Cirque de l’Infernet. You then start your descent towards the magnificent village of St Guilhem le Désert and the completion of your hike along the Route of St Guilhem.

    End of trip after the hike.

  • End of trip

Travel conditions

  • Attendees

    From 2 people.

  • Formalities

    • A valid official ID.
    • We recommend travel insurance with repatriation included. 
  • Food

    This is not the time to go on a diet! Instead, it is an opportunity to taste local cuisine and specialities. The quality of your food is paramount and we take great care to ensure a good dietary balance, a sufficient calorie intake and that each meal includes local specialities. 
    You can dine at your accommodation or in the associated restaurants. 
    Picnics (lunch) are not included. Available as an additional option.

  • Luggage

    You only need to carry what is needed for the day and your picnic. Your other luggage is transported by vehicle. Please respect the luggage limit of one bag per person, maximum weight of 13kg/bag.

  • Key information and support

    Self-guided formula :

    You can go on your own, as a couple, with your family or with friends. We'll look after your accommodation, meals, luggage transfer and group.
    You have a good experience of hiking. From one stage to the next, you follow the maps and detailed digital roadbook that we have carefully prepared for you.
    Going on your own means hiking lightly, at your own pace, and taking full advantage of the pleasures of nature without worrying about the logistics of your stay. It also means being free to interpret and imagine what the landscapes have to say.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation is in short supply and we invite you to reserve as early as possible.

    12 nights on a half-board basis.

    Accommodation options to choose from:

    ‘Gite’ option: Gites are selected specifically for their warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. More often than not, you will share a dormitory of 4-6 beds. Sheets and towels are not provided.

    Double bedroom option (depending on availability): Sleep in a comfortable 2 person bedroom in a hotel, B&B and sometimes, in a ‘gite’. Sheets and towels are provided.

  • Difficulty level

    LEVEL : 2.5/5

    This hike is aimed at all adults who are in good physical condition and can walk between 4 and 7 hours per day (for younger hikers, please contact us). The itinerary presents no technical difficulties. You should know how to orientate yourself using a map, a compass and a TopoGuide.



    Meet on Day 1 in Aumont-Aubrac.

    How to get there :
    By car : Motorway A75.
    By train : Aumont-Aubrac SNCF Train Station.
    By plane : Rodez Aveyron 

  • Options

    • Accommodation at the end of the trip.
    • Return transfer to the departure point
    • Single bedroom (see prices on our website)

Dates and price

Free departure from

Price TTC per person

Freedom package with luggage carried by cabs - stopover gîte
Registration at 2 people1070
Registration at 3 people990
Registration at 4 people960
Registration at 6 people940
Freedom package with luggage transfer by cab - hotel
Registration at 2 people1250
Registration at 3 people1220
Registration at 4 people1190
Registration at 6 people1160


  • Single room supplement, if double room package chosen: 260€/pers
  • Return to Aumont Aubrac: 70€/pers
  • GPS rental with recorded tracks: €40
  • Stay without luggage: - 80€/pers

The price includes

  • Half-board accommodation: from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 13.
  • Luggage transfer 
  • Digital TopoGuide

The price does not include

  • Drinks
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Picnics
  • Accommodation at the end of the trip
  • Return transfer to the departure point
  • Visits to monuments

The destination

  • Massif Central

    Traversée du Massif Central by road bike: from Clermont-Ferrand, through the typical Volcans d'Auvergne to the sea in the pretty town of Sète, nicknamed the "Venice of Languedoc".

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  • Saint Guilhem

    From Aubrac, on the Chemin de St Guilhem you'll encounter the volcanic Plateaux, the Causse de Sauveterre, the Gorges du Tarn, the Aigoual massif and its undergrowth, the Causse de Blandas, the impressive Cirque de Navacelles and then the Larzac plateau, before finishing your journey in the charming village of Saint Guilhem le Désert.

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