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The Great Crossing of the Massif Central by mountain bike Part 2

From Mende / Laubert to Cirque de Navacelles


Presentation of your trip

The GTMC VTT: Part 2 of the Great Crossing of the Massif Central by mountain bike takes you on a voyage of discovery across the Cévennes, starting from Laubert, passing by the famous Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual, and crossing over incredibly pretty hilltops. 
You ride along well-marked paths and tracks which are perfectly adapted to mountain biking. Every evening you will be accommodated in the heart of one of the beautiful Cévennes villages with one of our partners, all of whom used to welcoming mountain bikers. 
Having passed over the celebrated Causse Méjean, you re-descend towards the village of Alzon, before finishing your crossing with a climactic arrival at the spectacular Cirque de Navacelles. 
From the Cévennes to the Cirque de Navacelles, this second part of the Great Crossing of the Massif Central (GTMC) will take your breath away !

  • DestinationFrance, Massif Central
  • TypeFree
  • Length of trip5 days and 4 nights
  • ActivitiesMountain Biking
  • Physical level
  • Technical level

Possible periods for this trip

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March
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  • June
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Description of the tripProgramTravel conditionsDates and price

Trip details


  • Passages via Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual
  • Crossing the Causse Méjean
  • The charming village of Florac.
  • The marvellous Cirque de Navacelles.

Complementary informations

  • 5 days- 4 nights including 5 days of mountain biking
  • Compatible with electric mountain bikes


  • Day 1

    From Laubert to Mont-Lozère

    • Distance : 46 km
    • Elevation gain : 905 m
    • Negative gradient : 690 m

    You start with a relatively flat stage across the slopes of the Causse de Laubert, following the route of Tour de la Margeride, before a descent through the forest to reach Bagnols-les-Bains on a superb single-track path along the River Lot. Standing at the foot of Mont Lozère, this is an ideal place for a break, in the heart of the thermal spa town. Next, the route rises and heads along forest tracks towards the peaks of Mont Lozère. The climb is steady and the compensation is sublime: A beautiful panorama over the Cévennes National Park opens up in front of you.
    If you start from Mende, in order to leave the town you will have a serious climb along a main road to reach the slopes on the plateau.
    Night at Mont Lozère in a ‘gite’ or in a double room, according to the option you have selected.

  • Day 2

    From Mont-Lozère to Florac

    • Distance : 50 km
    • Elevation gain : 750 m
    • Negative gradient : 1618 m

    On the menu today: a lot of descents! From the Mont Lozère ski-station, the route takes you towards the Col de Finiels, before starting its descent into the magnificent landscapes of the Causses des Cévennes, towards the very pretty village of Pont de Montvert where a refreshing break on the banks of the River Tarn awaits you. Next, you cross over the legendary Route of Stevenson. Via a road, you climb back up to the Bougès Forest. From Grizac and back down to the River Tarn, 6 kilometres of beautiful descents await you. Staying in the forest, the route climbs once more before offering you a final, long descent to Bédouès and then Florac, where you can visit the headquarters of the Cévennes National Park. 
    Night in Florac in a ‘gite’ or in a double room, depending on the option you have selected.

  • Day 3

    From Florac to Nivoliers

    • Distance : 47 km
    • Elevation gain : 1140 m
    • Negative gradient : 720 m

    During this stage you ride through the magnificent and wild gorges of the Tarn. Along the way you will ride on the waterfront, some single-track sections and paths offering superb panoramas as you cross through numerous charming hamlets. You then arrive in Sainte-Enimie, one of the most beautiful villages in France and, once you have passed the very beautiful Cirque de St-Chély, the route starts to rise. 
    An airy, single-track path takes you all the way up to the Col de Coperlac, followed by the Mas-St-Ceély: you are now on the Causse Méjean ! At almost 1000m of altitude, you cross some beautiful slopes to reach Nivoliers, a charming village, typical of the Causse. 
    Night in Nivoliers in a ‘gite’ or in a double room, according to the option you have selected.

  • Day 4

    From Nivoliers to L’Espérou

    • Distance : 38 km
    • Elevation gain : 1060 m
    • Negative gradient : 800 m

    Following the GR60, the day’s stage continues to cross the Causse Méjean over the steppes, before leaving it behind to head towards Mont Aigoual. After a little effort on a single-track path in the heart of the forest, you will reach the Mont. Take in the spectacular view from the summit at 1565m before descending through the forest to reach the hamlet of L’Espérou. 
    Night in L’Espérou in a ‘gite’ or in a double room, depending on the option you have selected.

  • Day 5

    2 different stages are possible today

    • Distance : 53 km
    • Elevation gain : 630 m
    • Negative gradient : 1510 m

    The first is gentler, less technical and physical than the second option. This final stage offers several magnificent, and sometimes technical, single-track paths. Possibility to shorten the stage at the 52nd kilometre.

    1. From L’Espérou to Navacelles via Alzon: 53km + 630m -1510m
    Today you follow a track outside of the GTMC, through the beautiful state forest of Aigoual. Take a moment at the high-altitude Lac des Pises, at 1255m. Then, along lovely forest tracks, you will discover superb viewpoints over the Cévennes and Pic Saint Loup.
    After a long and playful descent, you have 10km along a pleasant road (no other option) to arrive in a small village, from where you take a pretty single track for 8km to reach the magnificent site of Navacelles.

    2. From l’Espérou to Navacelles via Montdardier : 66km + 1400m - 2275m
    Starting from the Col du Minier (Miner’s Pass) and passing through the forest, you take on a beautiful and technical descent to reach Salagoose.
    And then, another 10km of downhill and fun single-tracks to arrive in Bréau, before climbing again towards L’Esparon. From here, it is another pretty and engaging single-track to reach the Vallée du Vigan, a lovely village in the Cévennes. Next, another 7km along a small road to reach the Causse de Blandas and the history-filled village of Montdardier. 
    Arriving above the Cirque de Navacelles, you will take on a magnificent balcony single-track, between the cliff and the forest, climbing and descending. 
    Finally, you arrive in a small village from where you set off once more on a very nice single track for the final 8km to reach the beautiful site of Navacelles. 

  • End of trip

Travel conditions

  • Luggage

    You only carry the items of the day and the picnic. Luggage is carried by vehicle.

    1 piece/person and limited to 15kg/piece.

  • Attendees

    From 2 people.

  • Formalities

    • A valid official ID.
    • We recommend travel insurance with repatriation included. 
  • Accompanying

    Three formulas to choose from:

    Self-guided mountain bike with luggage carrying by taxi (from 2 people):
    Equipped with the guidance material we give you: maps with highlighted route, GPS with built-in route and detailed topo-guide, you go alone to discover circuits designed by our team. The topo and the GPS fixed on the handlebars, you let yourself be guided by the indications prepared with care, for a maximum precision.

    ATV with assistance vehicle (from 6 people):
    The assistance vehicle joins you at different times during the day’s stage, and transports your picnic, water, extra clothes and a complete toolbox in case of mechanical problems. Enjoy your day with a light bag. The driver of the vehicle also gives you advice for each step, helps you manage your effort, and can most of the time answer your questions about the region visited.

    Mountain bike with state certified instructor with luggage carrying by taxi (from 6 people):
    Accompanied by a professional mountain bike certificate, you ride without worrying about the route to follow. Our instructor, specialist of the region, guides you and gives you, if you wish, the right advice to make you outstanding mountain bikers. Thanks to his knowledge of the route, he adapts to your group to manage schedules and effort throughout the day. Freed from group management, your only concern is to please you on your mountain bike.

  • Accommodation

    The whole of your stay is ‘half-board’ (dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast included). There are two options to choose from:

    • Accommodation in a ‘Gite’ : Gites are selected specifically for their warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. More often than not, you will share a dormitory of 4-6 beds. Sheets and towels are not provided (ensure that you include them in your luggage).
    • ‘Selected’ Accommodation: Accommodated in a private double or triple room in a ‘gite’, bed and breakfast or hotel, normally with a private ensuite bathroom and toilet. On certain stages, and according to availability, you may be offered sanitary facilities (private or communal) which are accessible from the landing or hallway. We will inform you of the type of facilities available. Sheets and towels are provided.
  • Food

    No question of dieting during your stay but it is rather an opportunity to taste the local cuisine. We attach great importance to the quality of food: dietary balance, energy intake and specialty of the country are the ingredients of each meal.

    Picnics, 2 options:

    either you manage your own picnic
    either you take the proposed picnic option.

  • Difficulty level

    Physical level: 2/3
    You have a good physical condition and regularly practice mountain biking. From 44 to 56 km per day with maximum positive gradients of 1490 m.

    Technical level: 2/3
    You master well the braking in descent and the trajectory of the bike. You will ride on paths or paths sometimes rolling, sometimes technical (steeper, with small obstacles).

    Stay compatible VAE Compatible VAE


    Departure from Laubert (48)

    How to get there:

    By car: A36 N88 motorway

    By train: Mende train station.

    By plane: Montpellier airport.


  • Options

    • Transfer back to Lauret.
    • Picnic option.
    • Double room supplement
    • Single room supplement.
    • Extra night accommodation before or after the stay.

Dates and price


Stay compatible VAE Compatible VAE

Free departure from

Price TTC per person

Freedom package with luggage carried by cabs - stopover gîte
Registration at 2 people540
Registration at 3 people495
Registration at 4 people450
Registration at 6 people410
Formula with qualified instructor and luggage carrying by taxi
Registration at 6 people710
Registration at 8 people640


Transfer back to Lauret: €340/journey from 1 to 8 people + €15/bike
Picnic option: 40€/pers
Supplement double room: +50€/pers
Single room supplement if double room chosen: 120 €/pers
Extra night accommodation before or after the stay.

The price includes

  • The reservation of accommodation,
  • IGN maps with highlighted plot, map holder,
  • The detailed guidebook,
  • GPS electronic tracks (in .gpx format),
  • GPS (if requested) and its GPS holder,
  • Half board from dinner day 1 to evening and until breakfast day 5, except day 2 in Florac where dinner and breakfast are not provided by the host. Many dining opportunities on site.
  • Daily luggage transport,
  • For the formula with assistance vehicle: 1 vehicle + driver assists the group throughout the stay.

The price does not include

  • Accommodation the day before departure,
  • Drinks,
  • Picnics,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Personal ATV equipment (helmets, gloves),
  • Mountain bikes,
  • Transportation to the meeting point,
  • The transfer back,
  • Insurance.

The destination

  • Massif Central

    Traversée du Massif Central by road bike: from Clermont-Ferrand, through the typical Volcans d'Auvergne to the sea in the pretty town of Sète, nicknamed the "Venice of Languedoc".

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