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  • Pyrénées 

The Pyrenean mythical passes

Short trip at Ax-les-Thermes


Presentation of your trip

In the heart of the Pyrenees region, in Ariege valley, in a comfortable hotel or a gite carefully selected by our team, this stay offers you the opportunity to discover the region and its famous Tour de France landscapes.
The greatest Tour de France passes are waiting for you, as the Mur de Peguere or col de Pailheres. Each Day is a new challenge. Every Day, we offer you several levels of ride according to your desire and fitness.  

The passes, plateaus and ports: Lers, Agnès, Port, Péguère, Beille, Bonascre, Pailhères, Pradel, Marmare, Montségur, Lauze, Latrape, Souraillé, Caugnous.

  • DestinationPyrénées
  • TypeFree
  • Length of trip5 days and 4 nights
  • ActivitiesRoad bike
  • Physical level

Possible periods for this trip

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March
  • Apr.
  • May
  • June
  • Jul.
  • August
  • Sep.
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Description of the tripProgramTravel conditionsDates and price

Trip details


  • The Tour de France mythical passes
  • The famous Pyrenean landscapes: passes, ponds, forests and plateaus…
  • 2 or 3 different levels of routs to choose from everyday
  • Electronic GPS routes and road books are provided

Complementary informations

  • 5 Days, 4 nights - 3 cycling Days
  • Staying in double/triple bedrooms or gite


  • Day 1


    • Distance : 23 km

    Arrival and settling into Ax les Thermes. Bikes preparation and dinner at the hotel. If your arrival time allows it, we can offer you a warm up ride towards Orlu valley of 23km.

  • Day 2

    Ax valley’s passes

    • Distance : 66 km
    • Elevation gain : 1800 m
    • Negative gradient : 1800 m

    After breakfast, let’s start on the first Day following some Tour de France stages. Choose your itinerary between the mythic ascent to the Plateau de Beille, Bonascre plateau or col de Pailheres. Be prepared to this intense Day, as Beille and Pailheres have each a total of more than 1200m positive height difference. After this first cycling Day, you may like to relax in the spa centre ‘Les Bains du Couloubret’ (optional).

    Level 1: Bonascre plateau roundtrip / 40km – Height difference: +1267m -1267m

    Level 2: Plateau de Beille roundtrip / 66.5km – Height difference: +1803m -1803m. 
    Or loop version: cliffs road + Plateau de Beille / 78km – Height difference: +2183m -2183m

    Level 3: Col de Pailheres + Col du Pradel / 79.7km – Height difference: +2787m -2787m

  • Day 3

    Port de Lers and its passes

    • Distance : 106 km
    • Elevation gain : 2700 m
    • Negative gradient : 2700 m

    As Sanchez or Smet, conquer the Port de Lers, col d’Agnes and col de Port. You will discover Pyrenean Mountains in all their splendours. If you desire it and if your fitness allow you, climb the tremendous col de Peguere, nicknamed rightly as ‘Peguere wall’. With its +428m height difference during 3.5km (12.59% of average positive elevation), this pass is a real challenge for a cyclist racer!
    Level 1: Port de Lers + col des Caugnous + col de Port: loop version / 77.7km – Height difference : +1934m -1934m. Col de Péguère is optional (+3.5km & height difference +428m)

    Level 2: Port de Lers + col d’Agnes + col du Souraillé + col des Caugnous + col de Port: loop version / 106.2km – Height difference : +2700m -2700m. Col de Péguère is optional (+3.5km & height difference +428m)

    Level 3: Port de Lers + col d’Agnes + col de Latrape + col du Souraillé + col des Caugnous + col de Port: loop version / 123.7km – Height difference: +3129m -3129m. Col de Péguère is optional (+3.5km & height difference +428m)

  • Day 4

    Loop around Montségur

    • Distance : 127 km
    • Elevation gain : 2250 m
    • Negative gradient : 2250 m

    For this third cycling Day, follow the cliff road to go over the col de Marmare and ride down to the ‘Pays de Sault’ plateau. You will ride over the famous col de Montsegur, highlight of the well-known Pyrenean cycling race: ‘l’Ariégeoise’.

    Level 1: col de Marmare + col de Montségur + col de Lauze (by N20 road): loop version / 127.5km – Height difference: +2250m -2250m

    Level 3: col de Marmare + col de Montségur + Roquefixade (by the cliff road): loop version / 129.5km – Height difference: +2568m -2568m

    Level 5: col de Marmare + col de Montségur + col de Lauze (by the cliff road): loop version / 130.5km – Height difference: +2599m -2599m

  • Day 5


      Breakfast at the hotel and farewells. End of the trip.

    • End of trip

    Travel conditions

    • Formalities

      • A valid official ID.
      • We recommend travel insurance with repatriation included. 

      Departure from Ax-les-Thermes (09110).

      How to get there:
      By car: from Toulouse, RN 20 to Ax les Thermes.
      By train: Ax les Thermes train station.
      By plane: Toulouse airport then shuttle to the train station of Ax les Thermes.

    • Food

      No question of dieting during your stay but it is rather an opportunity to taste the local cuisine. We attach great importance to the quality of food: dietary balance, energy intake and specialty of the country are the ingredients of each meal.
      Picnics are not included in the price. Every day you have the opportunity to prepare your picnics or stop along the way. Every day you have the opportunity to prepare your picnics. Either you buy yourself or the logistician (formula with assistance) buys everything necessary at each step, or you order your picnic the day before from the host.

    • Accompanying

      Bike autonomy (only for groups of 2 or more people):
      Equipped with the guidance material we give you: maps with highlighted route, GPS tracks and detailed topo-guide, you go alone to discover circuits designed by our team. The topo and the GPS fixed on the handlebars, you let yourself be guided by the indications prepared with care, for a maximum precision.

      Self-driving bike with assistance vehicle (only for individual registrations and groups of 8 or more people):
      The assistance vehicle + bike trailer joins you at different times during the day stage, often at the top of the passes and transports your picnic, water, extra clothes and a complete toolbox in case of mechanical problem. You enjoy your day with a light bag or no bag. The driver of the vehicle also gives you advice for each step, helps you manage your effort, and can most of the time answer your questions about the region visited.

    • Luggage

      Luggage remains at your accommodation. During your day’s stage:

      Without assistance: you only wear the items of the day and the picnic.
      Formula with assistance vehicle: you wear nothing!

    • Accommodation

      4 nights half board with two options:

      Double room formula: you sleep in comfortable rooms for 2 people in hotels, guest rooms and sometimes cottages. Sheets and towels are provided. A bathroom is reserved for you. Single room option.
      Formula lodging stage: selected in particular for the quality of their reception, you find in the cottages a friendly atmosphere. Most often you share dormitories of 4/6 places with other people. Sheets and towels are not provided.

    • Attendees

      Departure from 2 people for the freedom formula and 8 people for the formula with assistance vehicle.

    • Difficulty level

      Physical level: 1/3 to 3/3 to choose. You have a good physical condition, practice at least once a week road cycling over long distances. Stage from 85 to 140km per day with positive gradients from 900 to 3200 m per day.

    • Options

      • +1 day or -1 day,
      • Customized program from the steps you choose yourself,
      • Additional accommodation before or after the stay,
      • Single room supplement,
      • High-end bike rental tailor-made,
      • Reception and return airport other than Toulouse or Carcassonne,
      • Airport transfers.

    Dates and price


    Free departure dates: you choose your own departure dates according to your availability.
    For constituted groups, we adapt the level, duration, price and program on demand.

    Possibility of quality road bike rental: see our dedicated page for more information.

    Free departure from

    Price TTC per person

    Bike in autonomy - lodging of stage
    Registration at 2 people360
    Bike in autonomy with assistance vehicle - lodging of stage
    Registration at 8 people360
    Bike in autonomy - hotel double room
    Registration at 2 people460
    Self-driving bike with assistance vehicle - hotel double room
    Registration at 8 people495


    Single room supplement (hotel double room): + 100€/pers

    The price includes

    • Half board accommodation from dinner from day 1 to evening and until breakfast on day 5,
    • The cards with the highlighted passes,
    • The topoguide,
    • Electronic GPS tracks in format . gpx,
    • For the formula with assistance vehicle: 1 follower vehicle during the entire stay.

    The price does not include

    • Drinks,
    • Personal expenses,
    • Picnics (unless option chosen),
    • Personal bike equipment (helmets, gloves),
    • Bicycles,
    • Transportation to the meeting point,
    • Insurance,
    • Transport and storage of boxes/ cartons/ hard bottom covers.

    The destination

    • Pyrénées

      The Pyrenees! To summarize their beauty and diversity in a few lines would be vain ... From the green mountains of the Basque Country, to the wild lands of Ariège to the Catalan mountains with the scent of the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees are an invitation to travel.

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