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  • Pyrénées 
  • Spain 

Transborder ride of the Pyrenees North to South

Path of the “Good men” in mountain bike - France Andorra-Spain LEVEL 2


Presentation of your trip

2 options: 
F1: Self-guided mountain biking with luggage transfer by taxi. (For 2+ people)
F2: Self-guided mountain biking with assist vehicle (From 6+ people)
F3: Mountain biking with a mountain bike guide with luggage transfer by taxi: (From 6+ people)

From the French Pyrenees into Spanish Catalonia, we'll cross the Pyrenees via Ariege, Andorra, Sierra de Cadí by the passes and tracks that the last Cathars followed. An exceptional mountain biking circuit dotted with plateaus and forests and full of thrills for the eyes and calf muscles! From rolling tracks to challenging mountain trails, go off and enjoy yourself on a secure route through extraordinary landscapes... A unique selection of landscapes, on a select route, to explore mountain villages, castles and Pyrenean culture.

  • DestinationPyrénées, Spain
  • TypeFree
  • Length of trip6 days and 5 nights
  • ActivitiesMountain Biking
  • Physical level
  • Technical level

Possible periods for this trip

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March
  • Apr.
  • May
  • June
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Description of the tripProgramTravel conditionsDates and price

Trip details


  • Crossing North/South of the Pyrenees on suitable tracks for mountain bike
  • Historic trail with amazing landscapes of the central Pyrenees, Andorra, and Sierra del Cadí
  • Very varied terrain : trails, tracks... rolling and technical
  • Accommodation in full pension (picnic) and transfer provided

Complementary informations

  • 6 days, 5 nights with 6 days of biking
  • Double room in hotel


  • Day 1

    From Montségur to Ax-les-Thermes

    • Distance : 42 km
    • Elevation gain : 1550 m
    • Negative gradient : 1610 m
    • Type of accommodation : Hotel

    In the morning, you will get the possibility to visit the famous Montségur castle. Later on we have a transitional stage from Ariège to the Pays de Sault where it becomes possible to feel the Mediterranean influence. After a superb descent through the forest, we will cross the spectacular Frau gorges to reach Comus. We have rest on the plateau de Sault before attacking the climb up to the plateau de Chioula, then descend to the village of Ascou (lodge option, for a shorter stage) and we finish riding a beautiful single track to Ax Les Thermes (double room option)
    You get the possibility to relax in the Roman baths of Couloubret as an optional extra.
    Night in hotel.

  • Day 2

    From Ascou to Mérens or Ax-les-Thermes

    • Distance : 34 km
    • Elevation gain : 1600 m
    • Negative gradient : 1600 m
    • Type of accommodation : Hotel

    This loop stage will bring us closer to the high mountains of Ariège.
    From the Ascou valley we will descend to the Orlu valley. Riding on the mountain trails, shepherds' paths and forest tracks we head for Mérens where we visit its Romanesque church. 
    We will then cycle down from the Ascou valley to the Orlu valley. We reach the Jou pass- riding through mountain and forest paths- where we can admire an exceptional panorama.
    Enjoying the Ax Mountains we keep on cycling down to "la Soulane of Mérens".
    Before going back to Ax, you have time to enjoy a bath in the hot water natural sources and then visit the 12th century Romanesque church of Mérens.
    Night in Mérens or Ax-les-Thermes (double room option).

  • From Andorre to Bellver de Cerdanya

    • Distance : 51 km
    • Elevation gain : 590 m
    • Negative gradient : 1980 m
    • Type of accommodation : Hotel

    In the morning, transfer to Andorra and the Mediterranean Pyrenees. After a break in Pas de la Casa, we will go to Port d'Envalira (2409m) for a superb mountain descent. 
    We find a distinct change in ambience as we will arrive in the Pyrenees of the Sun and the Catalogne. Before us rise the Sierra del Cadi. 18 km of descent over meadows, small trails and wide tracks. Night in hotel with swimming pool opened in summer (this stage can be modified according to the weather expectations)

  • Day 4

    From Belver de Cerdanya to Baga

    • Distance : 30 km
    • Elevation gain : 1100 m
    • Negative gradient : 1000 m
    • Type of accommodation : Hostal

    After a few kilometres facing the Sierra del Cadí wall of limestone, we have to climb this more and more Mediterranean lookalike mountain. You notice that the smells, vegetation and the soil are different. Reaching the pass you have a tremendous view-of the Cerdagne and the Capcir Mountains in the North and the national park of El Cadí in the South. We then have a really pleasant descent under Scot pines.
    For those among you who would like to ride a bit more, you can always cycle to la Serra de Sant Marc and enjoy an amazing downward slope (approx 10 km). Night in hotel.

  • De Baga à Gosol

    • Distance : 28 km
    • Elevation gain : 1200 m
    • Negative gradient : 700 m
    • Type of accommodation : Hostal

    Following the track, we now reach the Pedraforca-a stony fortress culminating at 2506m. You have a succession of panoramas before arriving to a technical path leading to the charming village of Gosol- which castle was a shelter for the Cathars. Night in hotel.

  • Day 6

    From Gosol to Berga

    • Distance : 43 km
    • Elevation gain : 1350 m
    • Negative gradient : 1565 m

    The last stage leads us to the sanctuary of Queralt across the Mediterranean forest and the superb plateau of Peguera. The rolling trails of the high altitude plateaux and the descent through the woods are the last sensations and a real pleasure for the eyes. 
    Transfer to Foix. End of the tour.

  • End of trip

Travel conditions

  • Luggage

    Carrying is limited to business of the day and picnic. Luggage is carried by vehicle. Please allow 1 bag per person, maximum 15kg/bag.

  • Attendees

    From 2 people.

  • Food

    Your trip might not be the best time to diet, as it's an occasion to taste the local cuisine. We assign great importance to the quality of the food we provide: well-balanced and nutritious and providing ample energy, the specialties of the region are incorporated into each meal.

    The picnics are included in the price, made by cookers of you hotel. To avoid the production of unnecessary waste, we ask you to bring a plastic box that we could fill everyday of delights. 

  • Accompanying

    Three formulas to choose from:

    Self-guided mountain bike with luggage carrying by taxi (from 2 people):
    Equipped with the guidance material we give you: maps with highlighted route, GPS with built-in route and detailed topo-guide, you go alone to discover circuits designed by our team. The topo and the GPS fixed on the handlebars, you let yourself be guided by the indications prepared with care, for a maximum precision.

    ATV with assistance vehicle (from 6 people):
    The assistance vehicle joins you at different times during the day’s stage, and transports your picnic, water, extra clothes and a complete toolbox in case of mechanical problems. Enjoy your day with a light bag. The driver of the vehicle also gives you advice for each step, helps you manage your effort, and can most of the time answer your questions about the region visited.

    Mountain bike with state certified instructor with luggage carrying by taxi (from 6 people):
    Accompanied by a professional mountain bike certificate, you ride without worrying about the route to follow. Our instructor, specialist of the region, guides you and gives you, if you wish, the right advice to make you outstanding mountain bikers. Thanks to his knowledge of the route, he adapts to your group to manage schedules and effort throughout the day. Freed from group management, your only concern is to please you on your mountain bike.

  • Accommodation

    Full board.

    Double room formula: 5 nights in hotel/hostal in double room.
    You sleep in comfortable rooms for 2 people in hotels, guest rooms, hostals and sometimes cottages. Sheets and towels are provided. A bathroom is reserved for you.

  • Difficulty level

    Physical level: 2/3
    You have a good physical condition and regularly practice mountain biking. From 25 to 51 km per day with maximum positive gradients of 1350 m.

    Technical level: 2/3
    You master well the braking in descent and the trajectory of the bike. You will ride on paths or paths sometimes rolling, sometimes technical (steeper, with small obstacles).

  • Options

    Formula 3 days: tailor-made program from the 3 stages you choose yourself (contact us),
    Additional accommodation before or after the stay,
    Single room supplement.

  • Formalities

    • Valid identity card,
    • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): this is a card certifying your entitlement to health insurance (care in case of need is covered) anywhere in Europe. Individual and nominative, it is free and valid for one year. You can obtain it on request from your Caisse d'assurance maladie (by telephone or at the counter); no documents are required. You will receive your card within 15 days. If the delay is short, you can obtain a certificate,
    • Repatriation insurance is compulsory.

    Departure from Montségur.

    How to get there:
    By car: RN 20 from Toulouse and exit to Foix. Follow the direction of Lavelanet and then Montségur.
    By train: SNCF train station of Foix.
    By plane: Toulouse airport and shuttle to reach the centre town and train to Foix.

Dates and price


Free departure dates: you choose your own departure dates according to your availability.
For constituted groups, we adapt the level, duration, price and program on demand.

Free departure from

Price TTC per person

Freedom package with luggage transport by cab
Registration at 2 people990
Registration at 3 people920
Registration at 4 people795
Registration at 6 people680
Freedom formula with assistance vehicle
Registration at 6 people990
Registration at 8 people890
Formula with qualified instructor and luggage carrying by taxi
Registration at 6 people990
Registration at 8 people890


Accommodation in double room on all formulas.
Single room supplement: 120 €

The price includes

The reservation of accommodation,
The maps, the map holder, the topo-guide, the GPS with recorded tracks, a GPS gate,
Half board + picnic from the dinner of J1 in the evening and until the picnic of J6,
Luggage transport, group transfers and return transfer,
For the formula with assistance vehicle: 1 vehicle 9 places follows the group throughout the stay,
For the formula with guide: no more orientation, the qualified guide takes care of everything during the entire stay.

The price does not include

  • Accommodation the day before departure,
  • Drinks and personal expenses,
  • The picnic of the D1,
  • Mountain bikes and personal mountain bike equipment (helmets, gloves),
  • Transportation to the meeting point and insurance.

The destination

  • Pyrénées

    The Pyrenees! To summarize their beauty and diversity in a few lines would be vain ... From the green mountains of the Basque Country, to the wild lands of Ariège to the Catalan mountains with the scent of the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees are an invitation to travel.

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